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I downloaded version 12.04 desktop then loaded on a USB so I can boot a Wyse thin client with no OS. I can boot the device with the USB key and everything looks fine but when I open the remmina remote desktop client and enter the ip and other setting I can't get them to save after a reboot. Same thing happens when I create a text document, I save it to a folder but after a reboot it's gone.

I am a newbie to this product and this may not be possible, please point me in the right direction of you can please. Thanks,

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A live Media does not save your settings , you need to install it on USB Drive see here – atenz Jul 25 '12 at 15:28
To save a text document or for that anything in ur home folder it must be possible, but I'm may not be sure about whatever changes u make to OS(in the filesystem) – Bhargav Jul 25 '12 at 16:02

Give this a try, I hope this helps.

Hit Super(Windows Button) type in the following

enter image description here

Put in the USB Drive, Erase the disk, key in the location of the Ubuntu ISO Image

enter image description here

This is something that u should try >> Stored In Reserved Extra Space, Increase it to a few Gigs, depending on how much space u have to spare.

enter image description here


If u want to do this from Windows, make use an application called Universal USB Installer.

enter image description here

Reserve some space to store ur files.

enter image description here

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