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I am trying to set up ssh-server on my Ubuntu 12.04 VM (running in VirtualBox on Mac OS X 10.7).

I have a domain name, call it, and I'd like to make ssh available via ssh to (I want this to be accessible from outside the local network.)

How can I do this? Do I need a static IP address or is there a way to dynamically forward traffic?


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  1. You need to add an "A" record for to the name servers for pointing to the public IP of your machine/home router.
  2. If that public IP is dynamic, you need a tool and an interface (API) that will allow automatic updating; most name servers provided by domain-name resellers or hosting services don't have such dynamic DNS functionality, so you may be better off with a dynamic DNS service such as DynDNS. With a paid account, I believe they will let you use your own domain/subdomain. with their name servers.

  3. If your VM is connected in bridged mode, your router needs to be set up to forward port 22 to its internal IP.

    • If it's in NAT, you need to configure vbox and the host to do this forwarding.
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I see. My domain is hosted by GoDaddy currently so I doubt I have the dynamic DNS functionality you mentioned in (2). Do you think Zerigo Free would have sufficient features? – oxyacanthous Jul 25 '12 at 14:02
Also, could you please elaborate upon step 2... what do I need to do, given the API? Thanks! – oxyacanthous Jul 25 '12 at 14:52

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