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Does 'Ubuntu One Mobile' support Ogg Vorbis?

I've just paid for Ubuntu Music and downloaded the app for my Android phone, but it appears Ogg Vorbis files are not supported. This is a definite deal breaker and I think I'm going to cancel until this is added, unless this feature is imminent. How soon is this likely to be added?

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This has been discussed here:

Does 'Ubuntu One Mobile' support Ogg Vorbis?

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Ok, thanks for the link - disappointing. I guess from that it might not even happen. Can I suggest that you change all the info enticing people to subscribe, as at no point does that mention which file types are supported, and as a Ubuntu user I naturally assumed that Oggs were supported. It's a bit misleading. –  user7114 Dec 9 '10 at 22:36