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I am keeping in my system both Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04. Initially I had Grub2 as boot loader. Afterward I swapped back to the Windows Boot-loader, adding an entry for Linux through EasyBCD.

Now, when I start the computer, the Windows boot loader asks for a choice between Windows and Linux. After having selected Linux, the previous Grub2 loader comes in asking which system I would like to start. So is there a way to avoid that grub2 prompts again which system to boot, automatically loading Linux?

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Try changing the GRUB timeout to 0.

First, type sudo gedit /etc/default/grub in the terminal. Enter your password and a window will appear.

Locate this line: GRUB_TIMEOUT=10 or something similar to that.

Change 10 to 0. Now the line should look like this: GRUB_TIMEOUT=0

Then save the file and close the window. Last, type sudo update-grub and reboot.


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