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I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 and I think everything is working except for the brightness controls of the laptop. Please answer.

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what is graphics driver of your system? edit the question and post result of these two commands lspci | grep VGA and ls /sys/class/backlight/*/brightness – Web-E Jul 23 '12 at 17:33

I have a same problem and this is the only solution I know...that is to assign different combo for the brightness,as fn key is undetected

1) Install XDoTool and Compiz

sudo aptitude install xdotool compizconfig-settings-manager

2) Open Compiz

Command : ccsm

3) Go to commands and add these lines:

xdotool key XF86MonBrightnessUp

xdotool key XF86MonBrightnessDown

In commandLine1 and commandLine2 respectively.

Now click on Key Bindings Tab and Click on disabled button

On the pop-up box click Grab Key Combination and choose desired keys (I use Super(win)+f4, Super(win)+f3)

Don't forget to check Enable Commands on left hand panel

I hope it helps :-)

If you come across the keyboard layout for hp g62 please do post it...I too need it :-P

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