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I see this error briefly at the top of a full screen console-type text screen as the computer restarts from suspend. At the start of the message is something about ATA, so I think it's to do with a hard disk restarting and something failing.

Should I worry? Everything seems to be working.

Edit: Smart status on the 2 disk drives is green, although one has a few bad sectors. I will watch it more closely.

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Are you on a MAC? This is a common problem with MAC and shouldn't be anything to worry about. I might suggest making sure that your machine is up to date and if it is you can try using a Live-CD to search for errors in your system. Also there is this great program called Spin Rite and you can find it via or a P2P such as It is a program that is meant to be run via Boot able CD and it can also be used with a boot able USB. Spin Rite checks your hard drive for surface defects and attempts to repair them. This will let you know if it is a HDD issue. If that doesn't resolve your issue you can find another program that is bootable it is called memtest86. It will run a constant test on you RAM to make sure that it is functioning properly. If you happen to be on PC you can also use those programs I suggested. And another thing you can try is to go into your BIOS and set the SATA mode to "Combination" and that may fix it.

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No, not a mac. It's a Gigabyte motherboard, Intel CPU. It's only when resuming from suspend (when the hard disks have been turned off). I think it isn't doing something correctly in the resume procedure. – Jazz Jul 23 '12 at 9:10

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