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We have a common Samba Server for all the departments. However we are not taking any backup of this server in other location. Recently this leads a lot of data corruption. And we are unable to restore any those datas. I just want to take a step forward to avoid this problem in future. Is there a way to backup files which is in samba server to other location using rsync (incremental backup) ? Pls someone explain it with an example in detail. Thanks in advance.

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The basic rsync command to backup the whole filesystem of a server is:

rsync -av --delete --numeric-ids \
    --exclude="/proc/*" \
    --exclude="/sys/*" \
    --exclude="/DIRECTORY/" \
    root@server:/ /backup/directory/

Strongly recommended: first run rsync with -n option to simulate the transfer, so that you can add specific exclude rules (and check that the --delete is not removing wrong files).

You need ssh running on the server you want to backup. You may need to add a SSH key to your server, and put the rsync command in a shell script, run by cron to do nightly backups or so.

man rsync is a very comprehensive documentation.

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