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I downloaded some videos (both mp4 and avi) and I am unable to play them both in Movie Player and VLC.

In Movie Player, it displays error message saying "Could not determine type of stream".

When I see the properties of those video files, there is no information on 'Audio/Video' tab. There should be information about audio and video codec, bitrate, etc.

Are these videos corrupt? Or, am I missing some codecs?

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My solution was to go to Tools > Preferences in VLC and, in the Video tab:

  • Check the box for Enable video (if it's unchecked).
  • Check the box for Window decorations (if it's unchecked).
  • Set the Output drop-down menu to X11 video output (XCB).

Then Save your changes. That may fix the problem.

enter image description here

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Didn't mention that I was downloading the video files from torrent. Didn't feel to mention it over here because my torrent client shows that it has been downloaded 100%.

I was using qBittorrent Bittorrent client to download the video files. It shows 100% completed. But I was not able to play those video files.

Then I tried to open the torrent file (putting the download location same as that of qBittorrent download location) with Transmission Bittorrent client, the default Bittorrent client in Ubuntu.

To my surprise, Transmission shows that the video file is downloaded 99.8% only. It then downloaded the rest 0.2% and now I am able to play those video files.

Never thought that the torrent client can also be a reason for video files not being played. Hope this issue will help others having similar kind of problem.

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Codecs are prepacked with vlc , so the possible reason is videos are corrupted , If you wanna try your luck ,try to play the video using mplayer

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You are probably missing the codecs, which may be patented and are not included in Ubuntu by default.

Installing ubuntu-restricted-extras, via sudo apt-get or via the Software Center by clicking this link should solve your problem.

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Codecs are prepacked with vlc , so the possible reason is videos are corrupted –  Tachyons Jul 21 '12 at 10:35
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