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I have my pc with dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04. I have a a partition of 62 GB on which I created a Virtual Hard Disk Image using VirtualBox from within Ubuntu and Installed Joli OS. After I uninstalled Joli os and uninstalled Virtual Machine, I still Can not recover the disk space that was occupied by the Virtual Disk Image though I am unable to find the Virtual Disk Image. Can someone help me and tell me how to solve the problem?

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Which virtualization application did you use? VirtualBox? – ephsmith Jul 21 '12 at 2:53
Typically the guest partition is just a file. Which host OS did you use? – ephsmith Jul 21 '12 at 2:54
I used Ubuntu as host – Kalyan Chatterjee Jul 21 '12 at 3:35
Yes, I used VirtualBox – Kalyan Chatterjee Jul 21 '12 at 3:36

Depending on the version of VirtualBox, the Virtual Disk Image files may be stored in the hidden folder ~/.VirtualBox, more specifically ~/.VirtualBox/HardDisks.

When you say you are 'unable to find' the files, did you try:

$ find ~ -name '*.vdi'

(assuming you used the default Virtual Disk Image type of file (i.e. '.vdi'))

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