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I did the following trick: But after that when I was trying to shutdown the system it seemed like shutting down forever so I had to use forced shutdown by holding power. The problem didn't dissappeared so I had to restore the lines "currency=shell" to "none" as it was.

It's shutting down properly. But I'd be really glad if my first netbook with my first Ubuntu would work faster. I have installed 32bit version due to low capacity of my ssd (16gb). Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance and my regards for all linux community :)

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Dual core processor are well supported. That tutorial is for old (very old) ubuntu.

To confirm you can run cat /proc/cpuinfo to get the cpu information.

also you can see how ubuntu is using processor cores by running system-monitor (gnome-system-monitor)


If you feel your ubuntu is running slow. There are some distros that can help you work flawlessly.

Lubuntu & Xubuntu both based on ubuntu but less resource hungry.

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