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I want to remove user pserver from the group apache.

#deluser pserver apache
/usr/sbin/deluser: You may not remove the user from their primary group.

Now I want to add a new primary group, so I ran the following;

#usermod -G pserver pserver

Which returned the following:

pserver` is now in group `pserver

#groups pserver
pserver : apache pserver

Now I want to remove the user again from group apache, but I get same error again. How can I delete pserver from the primary group apache?

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The usermod option -G adds supplementary groups. You want option -g to change the primary group. I.e.:

# usermod -g pserver pserver

This will also change group ownership of files in the home directory, but not elsewhere.

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Late, but a bit clear (at least for me);

sudo usermod -g <NewPrimaryGroupName> <TheTargetUserName>

And then check id

id <TheTargetUserName>

More details here:


Thank for reply.

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