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Some recent update has caused my Thunderbird (14.0 on Ubuntu 12.04) to revert to an English-language user interface. It used to be German before.

My system is completely in German. German language support is fully installed in System Settings. thunderbird-locale-de is installed as well. I even tried to remove and reinstall this package, without any visible change.

I also tried resetting general.useragent.locale to de-DE via Thunderbird's own configuration editor. No change as well.

How do I get my German interface back?

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The solution was actually very simple: The update had disabled the German locale extension within Thunderbird. So thunderbird-locale-de was present, but not enabled.

If you run into a similar issue, be sure to check Tools > Addons > Languages and click "Enable" on your language extension if necessary. After a restart, everything works fine.

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