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Today I got a message when I was using ld command .

It says :

ld: Please report this bug.

So, What should I do ?

Is it serious or just I should ignore it?

(if it is good to report it, I'll learn to do that ;) no Problem )

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If you want to File the Bug report follow this

How do I report a bug?

You may consider reinstalling that package . Every bug get the affinity of being Serious , Low Urgency , etc. as per concluded by the Development team. But you need to report the bug for that.

It is a good practice , since you are Contributing to Ubuntu Development by reporting a bug . It helps in fixing it which get ends up in Updates as newer version with bug fixes and other features , thereby making your system more Secure and Robust.

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Reinstalling 'ld' ... why ? That was interesting that it itself said that a bug is happened! – Emadpres Jul 20 '12 at 10:18
Just to make sure that it is a bug , if a bug then it will definitely give the same output , just a self-confirmation step :D ,which is why is said that you MAY :) , otherwise there is absolutely no problem. – atenz Jul 20 '12 at 11:46

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