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I am trying to convert a batch of latex files using catdvi.

The command I use for a single file is:

catdvi -e 1 -U 1.dvi | sed -re "s/\[U\+2022\]/*/g" | sed -re "s/([^^[:space:]])\s+/\1 /g" > 1.txt

However, I want to run the same command on all files from 1.dvi to 30.dvi. When I did:

for f in *.dvi ; do catdvi -e 1 -U $f | sed -re "s/\[U\+2022\]/*/g" | sed -re "s/([^^[:space:]])\s+/\1 /g" > "${f%.dvi}.txt"; done;

It gives an error expecting 0 or 1 arguments, got 10, etc.

What change do I need to do to the command?

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The answer to a similar question will apply to here also. So, here is the link:

Batch command that requires output redirection

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