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I'm using 12.04 on my Dell laptop. I got a "system problem detected" message with title dell-laptop-natty-dkms 1.5.1: dell-laptop-natty kernel module failed to build .

I'm not sure what this means. Wasn't Natty an older version? Do I need to worry about this?

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No, you don't have to worry about this. It's a DKMS version of the dell-laptop module for Natty (11.04), and it seems to me from a Google search that it was only available via PPA.

Since the 12.04 kernel series (3.2) is not available for Natty, the DKMS build fails. It's harmless, and I would remove it with sudo apt-get --purge remove dell-laptop-natty-dkms to get rid of the warning.

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