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I liked the feature or more quicker key repetition time in Konsole (KDE's terminal). The feature is actually, If you write a long line and wanted to delete it by pressing and holding the Backspace key, the line start deleting quickly.

But, in gnome-terminal (Default Ubuntu's default terminal) it required more time. You have to hold the backspace button more time than in konsole.

My question is: How can I reduce this time in gnome-terminal? or How can I make gnome-terminal to trigger key repetition quickly?

Note: I am asking it not only for deleting line, but also for going to specific position in line.

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To customize the delay until a key is repeated in Ubuntu, do:

  1. Open Dash (Super key).
  2. Search for keyboard and click on the Keyboard result.
  3. A new window opens where you can set the delay and speed.

This is the picture from System Settings --> Keyboard windows

enter image description here

In the terminal, these hotkeys may be useful:

Ctrl + U to delete the characters from the cursor to the beginning of the line.

Ctrl + W to delete the characters from the cursor to the left until next blank space. Meaning deleting only one word at the left of the cursor.

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For the use case of deleting a line, regardless of key repetition:

CTRL+A to go to the start of the line and use

CTRL+K to delete the line when at position 0

and use

CTRL+E to go to the end of line

It is actually faster to navigate, though It will not reduce key repetition time.

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+1 and Thanks for the help. But I actually wanted to reduce the repetition time. – Anwar Shah Jul 19 '12 at 16:05

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