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I've got a clean installation of Ubuntu with Webmin running Sendmail. I've got a domain pointing at that server.

I want to make a SMTP account for sending out e-mails, such as

How do I do this?

For the record, I've tried a lot of Google searching etc. but no tutorial, documentation etc. that I could find showed a simple step-by-step to this simple setup :(

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Make a note that if you're going to send emails from your system, you have to make sure you're not on a residential IP address. Most ISPs will block email sending from your systems on residential-class networks (sending with an SMTP server, not via gmail or an external SMTP) – Thomas Ward Jul 19 '12 at 12:50

You don't really need to create any account to send messages from sendmail, you can send from You might only need an account if you want to receive messages for that user on that server (unless you create an alias for that name to an existing user account), but that's not a sendmail-related question.

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