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I followed the instructions from enzotib's answer on Making Ctrl+C copy text in gnome-terminal? to make the ctrl-c and ctrl-v keys act consistent in the terminal and then re-assign ctrl-j to be the cancel/interrupt key for ongoing processes.

The instructions works great...until I close the terminal. Next time I open the ctrl-j has to be re-assigned. I don't want to have to type out

stty intr ^J

each time I open terminal. How do I make that key assignment stick?

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Assuming you are concerned only with terminals opened from the desktop (e.g. gnome-terminal ), just add stty intr ^J to your .bashrc.

  • Run this command once in a terminal:

    echo stty intr ^J \ >> ~/.bashrc
  • Close that terminal; the assignment should now stick in every gnome-terminal you open

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perfect. thank you! – snowguy Jul 19 '12 at 19:59

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