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Possible Duplicate:
How to convert Wubi install into regular install?

Ok i really need help now. I've began building android from source code, but i'm using a wubi installation. And sadly, 30 GB isn't eve enough space for the first build. So, i want to migrate so i can expand my space to 50 GB. How can i expand my disk space once i migrate? Excuse me if this has been a past question. Oh yeah, I forgot to add, i want to dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu. And help will be greatly appreciated.

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Check this out:

However, if you haven't done a lot of customizations in your wubi installation, I would just make a fresh install on a new partition, and then copy data from your home directory.

Also, don't skimp on disk space - 50Gb for building a huge codebase? What is it, year 2001? :)

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