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I have a HT Omega eClaro in a system that I use for ripping vinyl. Will I ever be able to use this machine it with Ubuntu?

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Given that the Oxygen HD chipset works with 10.04, 10.10, 11.04 and 11.10, it's pretty clear that the Oxygen HD drivers are mature and work.
However, as I waded through the morass of opinion and less than useful "solutions", I uncovered a BUG REPORT that indicates someone in the land of the devs Dropped The Ball with 12.04 and also 12.10 Oxygen HD support: [AV200 - Oxygen HD Audio - Asus Xonar D1] analog output device is not listed in audio settings

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I have this card as well, and it does work in ubuntu 12.04, but not out of the box, and I'm still trying to get everything to work with it.

I followed this guide here to rip out PulseAudio and ALSA and replace them with OSS4, and once I did that I was able to get basic sound output, at least.

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