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I'm having problems installing 12.04 or 11.04 in a new Dell Vostro 3460.

The issue becomes on the "Raid" performance that comes with the laptop, a 500GB HDD and a mini SATA 32GB SSD. With Windows there are no problems using this performance, the boot are in the SSD and the system loads very fast, but when I try to install Ubuntu, it doesn't show any hard drive in the disk selection screen.

Does someone have or have solved this issue?

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Anybody know anything about this issue? – Xavi Jul 19 '12 at 14:09

I "solved" the problem running the Ubuntu as live CD (using a pen drive) and uninstalling the RAID (I really don't remender the specific command that I used). After that I was able to install Ubuntu, but every boot was showing a Intel blue screen asking to solve RAID issues (to make all drives as no RAID, ok I did that, no RAID, you won...). After that a got ubuntu installed and no RAID at all.

I am wondering right now that am not using the 32GB cache and geting low performace... Dell was supposed to be Ubuntu certificated, but not for my new Vostro =(

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For remove RAID set:

sudo dmraid -ay # activate
sudo dmraid -x   # remove

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