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Since 16/07/2012 i got a new job with a Cooperative producing and selling craft. am an UBUNTU enthusiast and i wish to use it in the organization with my colleagues for point of sale/accounting project management any way anything that can help us run the organization smoothly. i am not a professional in IT and i have only basics knowledge but am not afraid to learn.

The organization is a cooperative base in Cameroon Africa of over 200 producers of various craft.

traditional handicraft catalog

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LemonPOS is a very basic point-of-sale solution for small shops. OpenBravo is a relatively simple ERP for mid-sized organizations, with many accounting, financial, storage functionalities. It also includes a pos solution.

I'm developing a variant of the first, and deploying the second in my organization. The main problem is lack of documentation.

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Manufacturing ERP are very expensive like Microsoft Dynamics. Try some opensource alternatives like 2BizBox, Adempiere, OpenERP Community Edition, Faves-ERP, Qcadoo, and so on ... there are lot of them ... and a lot of traps to avoid ... Good luck!!!!

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The best ever and simplest ERP system which also works very smooth with Ubuntu is ERPNEXT it is a fantastic ERP system.

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