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I'm looking for a way to freehand draw on my desktop so I can take screenshots like the one used in this answer. I have the screenshot tool already setup I just need the Annotate functionality without installing Compiz.

I'd like to avoid the overhead of a standalone application like Shutter or Inkscape - unless there's a very streamlined workflow for quickly:

  1. Annotating the screen (could be across 1 or more running applications)
  2. Take a screenshot of the area
  3. Upload the image to public hosting (imgur)

Speed is very important - I don't want to wait for a program like Shutter to launch, edit, draw, upload, close. I'd rather just draw, select the area and have the url copied to my clipboard automatically.

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Kaption ?

Description: A KDE utility similar to Jing or Skitch not yet as powerful as them ;) Nice, but what is it? It's an app that sit in the systray, left clicking the icon you can capture a screen region to draw arrows, boxes and text on it, than you can save the result (the screenshots shown here are made with this app).

This program has the following features: * Screen capture * Ability to draw arrows, boxes, ellipses and text on the captured region * Ability to choose color, size and font of your drawings * FTP/SFTP Upload with clipboard support for custom code. Custom code? It can be a web site pointing to the ftp directory where the image has been uploaded. When the upload finish Kaption will copy the code into the clipboard so you can share the screenshot quickly with anybody

enter image description here

PPA Search:

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