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I am intermediate Java/Python/PHP developer, but I really would like to help build something for Ubuntu for free. How can I do that?

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There is a very useful information in this regard on the Ubuntu App Showdown page:

The Ubuntu App Showdown

The App Showdown should be closed already, but the information there is still useful. Basically, the quickest way to start is Quickly and Python.

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The best part about it , there are so many ways to start . I will try an list some of them . So you can select the best to suite you.

Having an Launchpad account paves the important way as being essential part . Through this you can answer and provide solution to bugs and many more things.

How can you Contribute to Ubuntu , Ubuntu wiki to introduce the Value of contribution.

How to Get Involved , listing Various Groups and Parts of Ubuntu to Contribute with.

As a Application Developer , developing Apps through Quickly

Ubuntu Development Beginnings , one of the best way . As an opinion , try to begin from here

Also it was already addressed here Ask Ubuntu site as following

How can I contribute to Ubuntu?

How to start contributing to Ubuntu development?

Further basic read on How to Contribute to Open Source

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