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This message came up while trying to Install (software) Updates the Update Manager said "are available for this computer".

I have no idea what "the libpango1.0-0 package" is, nor how it relates to any of the Updates (I'm a total newbie, having only recently bought, and turned on, a machine pre-loaded with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS).

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It may be a dependent package. If software update failed. Then you can try it with terminal. Open a terminal by pressing Ctrl+alt+t. Type or copy/paste with mouse or keyboard. You can paste into terminal by pressing Ctrl+shift+v.

sudo apt-get clean to clean previous software cache. Remember you have to provide your password when promoted. Password field will stay blank when you enter password....don't worry about it. Just enter password and press enter

sudo apt-get -f install to solve any dependency problem.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade to update your softwarelist and upgrade all software component that have a new version available.

By this upgrade command your kernel will not upgrade. So you have to type sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.

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Thanks! I decided to click on "Install Updates" again - the message I'd gotten (that my question is about) was several days ago - and, magically, everything worked fine! Including the absence of the "Requires installation of untrusted packages" message I got last time!! – Jean Tate Jul 16 '12 at 20:45

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