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I've got a btrfs file system consisting of 3 devices and using raid1. The file system contains one subvolume "home" which is defined in the fstab and mounted at "/home". fstab entry looks like this:

/dev/sdb3   /home   btrfs   device=/dev/sdb3,device=/dev/sdc,device=/dev/sda,compress=lzo,subvol=home   0   0

When I open nautilus in 12.04, it lists both "secondary" btrfs devices (sdc and sda) on the left side under "Devices". I can actually mount btrfs system once again when clicking on the icons.

How do I hide those icons in the nautilus?

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I got rid of that entry by adding a fstab entry with a /mnt mountpoint, that would be:

/dev/sdc1       /mnt/nonexistent               btrfs   noauto        0       0
/dev/sdb1       /mnt/nonexistent               btrfs   noauto        0       0

for you.

(With some help from Stackoverflow )

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