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I have the problem that after applying the changes suggested from the ARB (modifying some debian/* and such files) the commands quickly {share,release,submitubuntu} oddly stopped working for me.

However, quickly {package,run} still works just fine.

You can find my program with the latest source code here:

wolf@wolf-laptop:~/Programme/uberwriter$ quickly release
Get Launchpad Settings
Launchpad connection is ok
............An error has occurred when creating debian packaging
ERROR: can't create or update ubuntu package
ERROR: release command failed

I would be really happy about any suggestions how to fix that, because I really liked the quickly workflow, which was (up to now) incredible painless.


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Looks like a direct duplicate to me: See I cant push my app to ppa with quickly submitubuntu command. But you've already solved it ;) – Izzy Jul 16 '12 at 15:36
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Turns out there was a wrong name+email in my changelog, so I changed that. Quickly didn't work, but I was able to build the package with debuild -S and then dput it to my ppa.

Sorry for asking, but maybe it'll help someone in the future.

I also used export DEBFULLNAME="..." and export DEBEMAIL="..."

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For future reference, this would have helped debugging:… and here is a quick guide on how to apply the ARB's fixes to your app:… – David Planella Jul 17 '12 at 7:26

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