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I have a package (xserver-xorg-video-intel) from ppa sources. Since I have more than one ppa sources for this package in my package management I am not sure which one is the source. So I wonder if I can learn this using apt-get or dbpkg etc. Related question: If I have various ppa's for a given package, will apt-get change the ppa if it finds a new version of the package in any ppa? I am asking since I use an alternative ppa for xserver-xorg-video-intel as the driver in the official one leads to errors in hibernate/sleep.

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See if this helps:… – Mitch Jul 16 '12 at 7:21
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In addition to those answers running apt-cache madison <package-name> from a terminal may shed more light

hob@hobgoblin:~$ apt-cache madison clementine
clementine | 1.0.1-554-geded1da~precise | precise/main amd64 Packages
clementine | 1.0.1+dfsg-2ubuntu1 | quantal/universe amd64 Packages
clementine | 1.0.1+dfsg-2ubuntu1 | quantal/universe Sources
clementine | 1.0.1-554-geded1da~precise | precise/main Sources
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apt-cache policy <package-name> gives similar information to apt-cache madison <package-name>, but in a different format:

$ apt-cache policy disper
  Installed: 0.3.0-1
  Candidate: 0.3.0-1
  Version table:
 *** 0.3.0-1 0
        500 precise/universe amd64 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
     0.3.0 0
        500 precise/main amd64 Packages
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