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I want to upgrade Python on my 11.04 server from Python 2.7.1 to Python 2.7.3. I assumed that if I did an apt-get install Python2.7 that 2.7.3 would have automatically been available and would have updated. But instead I get:

$ sudo apt-get install python2.7 
python2.7 is already the newest version.

Is there a different repository I need to get it from? Or is it not ported to 11.04? I want some education on which packages and versions are available for previous Ubuntu versions.

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See if this applies to you – Mitch Jul 15 '12 at 20:01
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Unfortunately, the latest version of the python2.7 package available in the Natty repositories is 2.7.1-5.

2.7.3 is only officially available for Precise 12.04. You would have to compile this yourself for 11.04, or search for a PPA containing it.

To find out the latest version of a package available for a specific release, simply go to:

where the release-name is natty, oneiric, etc.

To find out all available versions of a specific package and the releases they correspond to, look at:

or at:
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Perfect, just what I needed. Thanks @izx! – Rob Bednark Jul 16 '12 at 16:11

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