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I have a Ubuntu server that I normally control through Putty, but sometimes it dont want to boot up and then I cant use Putty and have to move my monitor and keyboard to where my server is at and boot it up (Which is troublesome) is there something I can use to access it through when it fails to boot up?

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Depending on capabilities of your server's motherboard you may want to look for wake-on-lan. There is a solution here for 11.04 on how to make that permanent:

How can I enable wake-on-lan permanently?

This however obviously will not work in case your server is unable to boot. A proper running OS is a prerequisite to access it remotely.

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That wont help me then, will have to get a cheap wireless keyboard and a 10M vga cable to fix it when it gets stuck – Mech0z Jul 15 '12 at 15:15

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