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I have seen quite a few posts on this issue but no solutions I could find. Does anyone know of a way to get a connection using Clear. I really don't want to give up using ubuntu but it seems like I have to. Any help is appreciated.

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As a proud user of Archlinux, I'm able to connect via Clear's USB WiMAX devices. I believe this should work on Ubuntu as well though!

So try the following:

Make sure the correct module(s) are loaded for the OS to recognize the USB device. (In my case, I only need the usbnet module)

sudo modprobe usbnet 
sudo modprobe rndis_host

Check if the device is being recognized by your system

ifconfig -a

Bring up the USB network device and request a dynamic IP for system with net-tools package.

sudo ifconfig usb0 up && sudo dhcpcd usb0

Or use this command if you use the newer ip-tools package.

sudo ip link set usb0 up && sudo dhcpcd usb0

Change settings on WiMAX USB device by navigating to your WiMAX configuration page in a web browser.

  • Browse to the IP which DHCP you were able to get a lease on: (most likely,
  • Go to Advanced and change setting to NAT and stick with default values
  • Save Changes

Restart DHCP

sudo dhcpcd -x  && sudo dhcpcd usb0

Hopefully at this point you DHCP request will come back with another address, such as

That's it. Now go play on YouTube.

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As far as I can tell, nobody has been able to get the Clear USB sticks to work with Linux yet.

To do this, you will want to use a "Clear Hub." These devices use standard Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections and so are not dependent on Windows.

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I have also heard about porting in wifi through a virtual maching running windows in ubuntu. Has anyone tried this and what were the methods or drawbacks? – Jul 19 '12 at 0:43

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