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I have a sound source connected via line-in to my computer. But when I change the master volume, only the volume of sounds being played on the computer (e.g. media, alerts, etc.) changes; the output volume of the line-in source does not change. How do I control that?


To clarify, I don't just want to control the line-in output volume, I want to control the normal "output volume" from one control only, and I want that to affect also the line in output volume. Something like a "master volume" that would affect everything that comes out of the sound card output.

The "master volume" I see when running the command "alsamixer" only affects the sound that comes from the main pc, not from the line in.

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have you tried the line-in-control already ? Press Alt+F2 and type 'gnome-alsamixer'. You should get a window with a lot of controls, called mixer, in which you can adjust every single sound source.

P.S.: In notebooks, but also in PCs with sound-on-board the line-in is realized using a second sound device quite often, so it is possible you will have to choose another tab in the mixer (if there are more displayed) first.

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Yes that works, I can use alsamixer from console. But I have the line in from the old to the new pc to "unify" all the sound into the 2x 2.1 speakers (i use to have one 2.1 on each pc), so I want to control ALL the volume from one control only. Because for example, the phone rings, I usually use my keyboard to lower the volume, but if something is playing from the second pc I would have to lower the volume of the main pc, and run a console to lower the volume of line-in. That's not very practical. Now i see the question doesn't explain that well, I just edited it. –  ithusx Jul 16 '12 at 16:15
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