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I used Quickly and Glade to create an application for ubuntu.

quickly create ubuntu-application SecureLogin

Via the Glade Hierarchy section, I removed all the menus except for 'help>contents & about'. It looks like this (in Glade):

But when I run the program (via

quickly run

or after installing the package), suddenly two other options appear in the menu:

I can't find the content anywhere and don't know where it is created. The options are not shown in the menu 'hierarchy' section in Glade. I searched my project folder for terms like 'Online' and 'Translate', but got no results.

Does anyone have an idea where the options come from and how I can delete them?

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These are two menu entries added in code (not through Glade) that are part of the Launchpad Integration library. You'll find them in <yourproject>_lib/

# Optional Launchpad integration
# This shouldn't crash if not found as it is simply used for bug reporting.
# See
# for more information about Launchpad integration.
    from gi.repository import LaunchpadIntegration # pylint: disable=E0611
    LaunchpadIntegration.add_items(self.ui.helpMenu, 1, True, True)
except ImportError:
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