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On a fresh installation of Kubuntu 12.04 amd64 on a Asus N56V jockey-kde says that there are no useful prprietary drivers.

Using the info-center I can see

in PCI an Nvidia Non-VGA unclassified device (0x00)

in Opengl an Intel Ivy Bridge Graphics Controller


I've found that the 3.2 kernel is missing many kernel modules for the Asus N56V machine and other ivy-bridge machines.

The machine is also overheating.

I'm closing this thread and I'll start a new one after installing 12.10 alpha 2 that uses a 3.5 kernel


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You will require Bumblebee packaged drivers for your video card because Nvidia does not yet officially support these for Linux. See this thread for further instructions: Switchable laptop graphics issues on Ubuntu 12.04?

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I have a 650M card that seems giving issues. For now I'll leave with the intel graphic: i'm in hurry to be operational on this machine. Thanks. – Mirto Busico Jul 15 '12 at 10:08

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