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I tried installing xplanet today, but when I run the application, nothing happens.

I had it running some years ago and I remember that maybe I have to convince the ubuntu desktop manager to accept the drawn wallpaper from another application, but don't know how I can set this in Ubuntu now.

Any advice or URLs for me?

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  • xplanet is rather old software. It doesn't work properly when desktop effects are enabled. To test this, first disable desktop effects via System → Appearance:

If you can't get it to work with desktop effects, but it works without them, consider asking another question about it.

Now, onto the problem:

From xplanet's package description:

In order to run xplanet, you'll need at least one map file. Some maps are included in the xplanet-images package

The images used by xplanet are stored in ~/.xplanet/images/ (where ~ is short-hand for your Home Directory; files and folders that start with a . are hidden, you can make Nautilus show them by pressing Ctrl+H, again that's Your home directory → .xplanet → images)

  • To see if it worked, type*

    xplanet -window

    into a terminal. (I've tested this, but if you get any errors, add them to your - question).

  • Now, to show xplanet on your desktop, open* gconf-editor and navigate to Apps → Nautilus → Preferences:

  • There, disable show_desktop and start xplanet normally. It should now be on your desktop.

I've gone through all this, and it seems to work fine. But, as I said, only without desktop effects (but maybe that's just me).

*: to open an application, you can either hit Alt+F2, and type the command there or you can open a Terminal via Applications → Accessories → Terminal.

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Wow, thanks a lot for this detailed explanation. I'm seeing the image on my desktop now. What do I miss when I disable the desktop effects? I don't really care much about eyecandy, so I think I won't notice the differences anyway. – cringe Dec 5 '10 at 21:37
Do you have them enabled at the moment and see the image on your desktop? – Stefano Palazzo Dec 5 '10 at 23:41

You might want to read this forum post.

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