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I'm running avg anti virus on linux and I'm using only the terminal. So sudo avgscan / -a -H -c scans the whole disk, is there a way to scan just a specified folder (also scans for the folders within said folder)?

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To launch The AVG Anti-Virus on Ubuntu, run this command from the terminal:

sudo avgctl --start

Here are some useful scanning commands:

To scan a specific folder, use this command by replacing "folder_name" with the folder you want to scan with AVG:

sudo avgscan -H /folder_name

To download an update:

sudo avgupdate -d

To update the current virus database, use one of these commands:

sudo avgupdate --priority 1 sudo avgupdate --priority 2 sudo avgupdate --priority 3 sudo avgupdate --priority 4 sudo avgupdate --priority 5

1 - Critical update

2 - Virus update

3 - Recommended update

4 - Program update (default)

5 - Optional update

To download an update:

sudo avgupdate -d

For more help about using AVG, run this command:

sudo avgscan -h

Note: To stop the scan process, press Ctrl + C in the terminal.

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is there a way to scan just a specified folder

Yes, simply give it the folder path instead of the / you are using now.

For example:

sudo avgscan /home/shelby -a -H -c
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+1 for mentioning that the full system scan was done using /, I was looking for some sort of specific command –  Jaime Hablutzel Jan 23 at 22:25

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