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I am looking to completely reverse the orientation of an external touchpad (Logitech Wireless Touchpad). This is not just inverting the scrolling: I want to turn it "upside-down" with the click buttons on top and use it as normal.

I found this thread about the Apple Magic Trackpad on Mac but no luck on Linux.

I'm using 12.04 if that matters.

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There is an available modification for the Synaptics driver and client that works nicely for me and for others. There are two drawbacks to mention:

  • It involves installing and using development tools such as automake.
  • You'll have to repeat it with each upgrade of the Synaptics driver.

There is a bug report requesting to add the orientation parameter to the stock Synaptics driver and client. The bug report is referenced in a broader idea report involving manual and automatic orientation of touchpads and touchscreens.

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