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I've done everything in the ubuntu forums and in ask ubuntu and I got it working the wifi. the wifi card is an broadcom bcm4318 [airforce one 54g] on a acer aspire 3630. But the wireless connection doesn't stay connected. It loses connection repeatedly. I'm forced to my wired connection. What can I do to get the laptop to stay connected and not lose connection the whole time?

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This helped: How can I prevent iwconfig power management from being turned on?

It minimized my issue along with uninstalling network-manager And installing wicd instead. I did this first to install wicd: in terminal, sudo apt-get -yd wicd-gtk wicd-kde, this puts the packages in your apt cache because you will loose connectivity with the next step, apt-get remove -y network-manager, then finally, apt-get install -y wicd-gtk or apt-get install wicd-kde. I still get disconnects even after doing some things in the link above but WICD seems to reconnect more easily.

Edit: I just saw this as well: will try later: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1390174

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