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When I connected my printer to my pc, he found drivers & installed them. I thought everything would work, but when I did a testpage, the pc acts likes he's doing the job great, but the printer didn't do anything. So I searched on & I found (I think) an additional download:

Now it have to be extract, but I don't know where I have to do that. (I'm new in Linux!)

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It is enclosed script (.sh.tar) File , so extract it , by Right-click and Extract option ,

Then simply double click the file ,which will provide Options window where you should

click the "Run in Terminal" button or run the script file via command-line.

Further Follow the Instructions if any , asked by installer.

They have provided the Official instructions here. But it doesn't mentions Ubuntu 11.10 , which is currently your System, i guess it is Compiling so it will do.

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