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I am trying to migrate my brother to use Ubuntu.

However, his Logitech G700 mouse's scroll wheel is extremely sensitive.

By sensitive, I mean that, due to the fact that it uses high-resolution scrolling, every minor nudge is interpreted as a scroll attempt.

I have no way to configure this in Ubuntu - I want the OS to ignore every few events from the mouse scroll wheel to make it work properly. xev in a terminal is going crazy whenever I even lay a finger on the scroll wheel.

How can I fix this issue?

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I don't know about the Logitech G700, but here's what I did for my Perixx MX-2000, maybe it's something like that for you too :

  • Perixx delivered my mouse with a CD-ROM containing the software to configure it's buttons, sensibility, LED and Macro's
  • I installed this software on a Windows Operating System and plugged my mouse in.
  • I configured everything through the Perixx Software
  • Once I was sure that my mouse did exactly what I wanted it to do, I unplugged it.

Now, everything is configured inside the mouse, so I don't need the software anymore. When I plug it in Ubuntu, MacOS or Windows, everything I choose is working.

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