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I often get an error window after I booted my computer to the desktop. This is starting to annoy me. Is there a way to prevent, or disable or close it during boot up? Your help and time here is greatly appreciated. :)

(I'm a beginner with not an experience in programming. Or any relevance.)

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Please tell us what the error window says. –  queueoverflow Jul 12 '12 at 15:41

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What kind of error window do you get? Is it something about Ubuntu experiencing an internal error? If this is the case, then the problem is that a debugging-tool named "Apport" is activated/present on your system. A solution to uninstall it has been posted to an earlier question here:

How to disable "System problem detected" notification

That solution involves using the commandline, but it also mentions using Ubuntu Software Centre to remove the app, which should be the easiest way, as it can be done with a few mouseclicks.

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You can look in the Start programs. Just enter start into the Unity Shell, select Startup Programs and look in the list for possible apps.

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