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I set ftp-bookmarks in nautilus this way:

This works great in general (while editing existing files), but I'm not able to copy and paste files in the directories. Every time I try, the ftp dir becomes dismounted and that fileoperation window appears which never completes, and which I can't close. Nautilus is then using 100% of CPU, so I kill it.
When I then reconnect I can see that exactly one file was completely pasted, no matter if I tried to paste one or ten.
I'm not able to determine this behaviour on a specific server adress or filetype or filesize. I also don't think that this could be related to the timeout problem of nautilus, because this also happens directly after mounting.

Any suggestions about that?

edit: I noticed that creating new documents inside the ftp directories doesn't turn in this behaviour. It's only on pasting or dropping files in.

2nd edit: This behaviour not occur by using sftp-connection. Seems that this is a bug in the version of nautilus (2.32) provided by Ubuntu Natty which is restricted to ftp only.

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