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I've installed both ipython (which uses Python 2.7) and ipython3, and the respective qtconsole packages. Both work when I call them from the terminal like ipython qtconsole. However, when I search for them in the dash home, only the 2.7 versions (of both the shell and qtconsole) appear, as executables. Searching for ipython3 only yields the ipython3 file from /usr/bin. Changing to the "application lens" doesn't affect the results.

Also, even if I can start both from the terminal, I can only pin the running 2.7 version to the launcher -- or, to be more exact, I can pin the v3 console, but the icon looks somehow blurred, and it doesn't start anything when I click it.

So, whats happening here? Is the v3 package hidden somehow?

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It looks like there's a problem with the .desktop file. These either don't exist or don't refer correctly to ipython3. Also see the comments at the bottom, if you want to see how it's expected to work.

$ locate ipy | grep desk

$ more /usr/share/app-install/desktop/ipython-qtconsole:ipython-qtconsole.desktop
# If you want ipython to appear in a linux app launcher ("start menu"), install
# this by doing:
# sudo desktop-file-install ipython-qtconsole.desktop
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Thanks! I solved the issue by just copying the existing desktop file and edit it a bit to use ipython3. – phg Jul 11 '12 at 16:10
Awesome, good to hear. – belacqua Jul 11 '12 at 16:11
Could you please specify exactly what you did to get this working? – Turtles Are Cute May 9 '15 at 23:10

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