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All the time my apache2 runs out of memory, I have 6 sites running on it.

My server specs are:

2 gig ram, 6 core processor, 60 gb hard drive, and a 1000 mb/s how can I sort the problem out? it crashes the whole server :(

Screenshot: screenshot showing apache's out of memory errors

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This is not to do with Apache, but is to do with the sites you are running from it.

Either you have a memory leak in the software you are running, or you are a victim of your own success and are attracting too many concurrent visitors for the server resources you have.

So the possible avenues of attack are :

  • Test for memory leaks
    • Repeated requests should not lead to slowly increasing memory consumption
  • Limit the number of concurrent sessions by reconfiguring your app / web server
  • Increase the amount of RAM in your server
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