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I've used gvfs-trash to move an item to trash from a command-line. Is there a way to restore such a file from the command-line? I've checked other gvfs binaries and don't see one that makes sense?

I know there are other projects out there that are devoted to implementing the Trash spec. I'm interested a gvfs approach.

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In the gvfs-bin package (the filelist for Precise is here) there is currently no restore counterpart to gvfs-trash, so the only way around it at the moment is to install trash-cli from the repositories (more information here) and use the restore-trash function from there after sending a file to trash with gvfs-trash. They are both compatible as they adhere to the freedesktop trash specification, as you probably know.

To send a file to trash, enter:

gvfs-trash newt

Then run


which gives the prompt

0 2012-09-13 01:09:05 /home/mike/newt
What file to restore [0..0]: 0

This seems to be the way to restore things sent to trash from the command-line at the moment, but it will be worth updating the answer in the future if a gvfs restore tool appears to compliment gvfs-trash.

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