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I'm downstairs on my phone trying to VNC into my desktop upstairs but earlier today, I zoomed in with compiz on one of my screens so it makes using that screen over VNC almost impossible.

Now I could go upstairs... But I'm lazy!

Does anybody know a way to turn off zoom via the command line?

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The Windows Key and scroll with your mouse can zoom in and out of your screen. – karthick87 Dec 4 '10 at 20:36
My phone has a very limited keyset (no super key) and there's no mouse. – Oli Dec 4 '10 at 21:51
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What a brilliant question! :-)

This is what you want:

xdotool keydown Super && for i in $(seq 0 30); do xdotool click 5; done && xdotool keyup Super

you probalby need to sudo apt-get install xdotool.

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You can control Compiz via DBus, and there is even a helper python script to make it easier.

Example usage of the script:

hello@world:~$ python ezoom zoom_out_key

This will zoom out if you are using the Enhanced Zoom Desktop plugin.

More Examples.

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