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I'm trying to install Kubuntu alogng with the preinstalled Windows 7.

I boot from CD Create three partititons: / (ext4), swap and a 100MB reserved bios

All installs correctly, but I'm not able to boot Kubuntu

From the bios setup disappeared the option to use legacy bios instead of UEFI (or at least I cannot find it)

I have the option to create a new boot entry, but I don't know what to type in.

What can I do?

Thanks Mirto

=========== added 10 Lug 18:54 ========================

Seems relate to bug 972122 ( https : // ) The message I saw when the EFI boot partition was missing is the same reported in https : //

The bug is marked as fixed-released What I'm missing?

There is any particular install CD using partman-efi?

============== added 12 Lug 18:27 =========================

I've tried boot-repair using a ubuntu-secure-remix - I updated boot-repair before using it.

I've sent the error output posted at to com

Boot-repair is suggesting other actions and I'll try

============= added 12 Lug 19:23 ==========================

Second try: non luck log at

============= added 13 Lug 18:05 ==========================

At power-on magically the ubuntu boot entry appeared

Boot-repair was the solution

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Your disk is GPT-type, so you need either an EFI or a BIOS-boot partition. Run Boot-Repair, update it, and click Recommended Repair. Note the URL that will appear. Reboot and check if your problem is solved. Indicate the URL if not.

enter image description here

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