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I want to backup the encrypted home of a user who might be logged in at backup time. Which directories should I backup if I want to ensure that absolutely no plaintext data can be leaked? Are the following folders always encrypted?


Just want to make sure that no data leaks, as the backup destination is untrustworthy.

Edit: Yes, as Lord of Time has suggested, I'd like to know which folders and/or files I need to backup if I need to store only encrypted content in a way that allows me to recover it later with the right passphrase.

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From reading this by the author of ecryptfs, it sounds like you want to backup $HOME/.Private for each user.

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They would only be encrypted if they were not mounted. As you soon as you mount them they are in a decrypted state and therefore plaintext is exposed. So the answer would be yes if your ecryptfs volumes are not mounted and no if they are.

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