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i want to purchase an ebook reader that can read .pdf format? can anyone suggest me a good one . i want an ebook reader not a tablet.

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On Really? – Scaine Dec 4 '10 at 18:24
I think he may have meant "Purchasing an e-book reader that is compatible with Ubuntu", which would be a good question to ask here. The question may have just been phrased poorly. – Clay Smalley Dec 4 '10 at 18:33

Of the most popular ones, the Kindle 1, Kindle 2 and Kindle DX are supported by  Calibre. There is also a nice introduction into managing the Kindle with calibre. Calibre also converts formats by the way, so you're not even restricted to pdf.

Supported devices via the Calibre FAQ:

  • SONY PRS line
  • Barnes & Noble Nook
  • Cybook Gen 3/Opus
  • Amazon Kindle line
  • Entourage Edge
  • Longshine ShineBook
  • Ectaco Jetbook
  • BeBook/BeBook Mini
  • Irex Illiad/DR1000
  • Foxit eSlick
  • PocketBook 360
  • Italica, eClicto,
  • Iriver Story
  • Airis dBook, Hanvon
  • N515, Binatone Readme
  • Teclast K3,
  • SpringDesign Alex
  • Kobo Reader
  • [...]

In addition, using the Save to disk function you can use it with any ebook reader that exports itself as a USB disk.

I can't say which one is the best, obviously, but the Kindle series are extremely well regarded by the reviewers - minding jrgifford's comment about the Fee for Personal Document Service. You'd also have to consider availability; this will narrow the list down to just a few, of which you should be able to chose your favourite quite easily.

Consider this an incomplete list of devices that will very probably work well with Ubuntu.

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Yes there are some ebook readers that support .pdf.You can install Gutenpy or FBReader.

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I own the Kindle DX and I'm very happy with it. I wouldn't go for anything that has a smaller display. Here is a list of ereaders:

I think that Barnes & Noble's Nook display doesn't use an electronic ink display.

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