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I am using the command mac in terminal to compress and decompress Monkey's Audio files. However, I want to find a way to do it to more than one file at a time. Is there a trick for the mac program that I don't know, or is there another program that can help?

I'm stuck using the Window's GUI under WINE. Help free me from this :)

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No, mac does one file at a time, so you have to work around it.

Assuming the files you want to encode/decode are in specific folders, or sub-folders, and not arbitrary paths, you can do it with a combination of find, sed and xargs.

For example, to encode all WAV files in a specific folder and all its subfolders, with the output files simply having the APE extension, using the fast -c1000 preset, you would type:

find ~/path/to/folder -name *.wav | sed 's/....$//g' \
   | xargs -I MACFILE mac "MACFILE.wav" "MACFILE.ape" -c1000


  • find finds all files with the wav extension in and under the given path, and outputs them.
    • You can use `pwd` (with the backticks) as shorthand for the current folder.
    • Add the argument -maxdepth 0 to stick to the current folder only and not go into subfolders.
  • The sed expression deletes (i.e. replaces with "blank") the last four characters of each filename returned by find, which is the extension .wav or .ape
  • xargs feeds each filename piped in to the mac command.
    • The -I MACFILE tells xargs to replace each occurrence of MACFILE with the input (filename); this way we get files with proper extensions and not .wav.ape, etc.

To decode within the current folder only, and output to a custom folder, for example:

find `pwd` -name *.ape -maxdepth 0 | sed 's/....$//g' \
   | xargs -I MACFILE mac "MACFILE.ape" "/home/ryan/decodes/MACFILE.wav" -d

Note: find is one of those utilities that are almost limitless (see man find). With the right -exec and -printf options (and maybe more), find may alone be sufficient without needing the sed and xargs, and I'm sure someone will point that out :) . But I find this easier to explain and understand.

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it works!!! Sorry for the delayed response, I keep forgetting to accept the answer! Works with no problems, excellent answer! :) – Ryan McClure Jul 12 '12 at 5:29
To be honest, the reason I was asking was because I needed to batch decompress .ape to .wav, then to .flac. I had a public domain set of music that I had downloaded, but it was .ape. So, i honestly wanted to put it to .flac. However, I wanted to know a batch way. And I figured, while I was at it, why not have a question that dealt with batch compression and decompression? ;) Help the rest of the community as I figure out my answer. – Ryan McClure Jul 12 '12 at 18:13

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